Murals for Kids

I specialise in murals for children – children’s bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries.  Even in today’s world of TV and computer games we see how easily young children are drawn into the magical world of picture books.  Imagine then the effects of your child’s bedroom or playroom being a giant picture book of colour and magical imagery.  A children’s mural can stimulate your child’s imagination and transport your child to a land of fantasy and creativity.  A colourful and vivid child’s mural provides limitless opportunities to support child development through play, story-telling and social experience with peers.  Even a small children’s mural can captivate a child’s imagination and when grown up, your child will live with rich memories of a magical childhood world.

Murals for Big Kids

Even as adults we can still enjoy our own moments of magical fantasy.  My unique hand painted murals grace the walls of valued customers across the UK and in the Mediterranean – dining rooms, reception areas, offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, garden walls etc.  Murals of any size can create an illusion, freeing the spirit to travel wherever it cares.  From a serene landscape to a tropical paradise there are no limits.  Let your imagination run wild and remember – if you can dream it, I can create it!

Or something smaller

If either space or budget is a concern, the solution could be a miniature ‘portable mural’.  These are exclusive originals capturing the essential character of a mural and can be commissioned in the same way – see “canvasses for sale”